Case 668 – this gentleman requested a small container attached to his wheeled Zimmer frame to transport small items around his house

case 694 – this lady needed gutter arms fitted to her 3 wheeled walker

case 677- this toddler was born with respiratory problems and needed a ventilator attached to her tracheostomy tube . By 18months she was wanting to walk and a small child’s trolley was built to accommodate her ventilator which could run off its internal batteries which she push in front of her whilst she moved around the house/garden.

Case 681- this gentleman with mobility problems would transfer from his wheelchair to his toilet seat by launching himself sideways on to it. This created a strong lateral force on the toilet seat which was held in position by metal flaps which located either side towards the front of the seat. These were quite flimsy and required to be replaced when they sheered off after prolonged mis-use.

case 675 – this is the preferred version of gutter arms fitted to a rollator as it allows it to be folded down for easy transporting eg in the boot of a car and in addition looks neater .

case 686 – this lady had advanced rheumatoid arthritis and was struggling to move around safely without falling. After some experimentation gutter arms were fitted to her king-fisher trolley in the position shown which helped her maintain her stability and ensure her self confidence.

case 672- this lady had poor mobility and was confined to a wheelchair She was determined to resume her lifelong interest in horse riding and would require a multi-step mounting box with hand rails on both sides so she could haul herself up the steps under her own steam, whilst the horse was tethered in front of the mount. After several weeks of strenuous effort she managed to “conquer” the six steps and finally ride her horse- she was thrilled! Fortunately dismounting proved much easier & quicker.

case 665 – this lady with MS needed a table to use when sitting her riser/recliner chair which could be easily moved . A commercial metal frame on casters was used with a purpose built wooden table top with edging.

case 692- the very tall gentleman has size 14 shoes with an everted right ankle which does fit on the foot plate of his stand aid. This was extended to accommodate his problem as shown below.

case 674 –

  We were asked to devise a method of supporting users of a new walking aid which St Tereasa had acquired as the method supplied consisted of a belt which passed around the users hips. The majority of people were nervous using the aid with this flexible belt system.   After much thought we decided to modify a standard walking frame by extending the legs, as per photos, and fitting it to the existing holes in the chassis of the aid. There are 2 holes in the chassis, one in either leg, into which various attachments fit. This is now proving a success

End of 2019 projects