what we do

The Cornwall branch of Remap has been running for a number of years. Although there have many changes of personnel during this time our aim- to help people with physical & mental disabilities  overcome practical difficulties in everyday life remains unchanged. We do this by adapting existing or designing & building disability aids fit for purpose.

The main purpose of this website is to raise awareness in the community of our service and enable us to reach those people with unmet needs and improve quality of life. At present most referrals originate from Occupational Therapists (OTs) or Physiotherapists working from community hospitals or from Child & Adult Social Care (previously- Social Services) but direct referrals are also accepted from carers or the client themselves. The referral procedure which be done by phone, e mail or using our referral form  is described in the Referral page.

Referrals are processed by our secretary who selects an engineer on the basis of the location & area of expertise. An initial visit is made by the referring agent- usually an OT and the engineer to assess the problem, after which the engineer takes over until the project is completed.

Our service is entirely free to the client and funding (to cover the material and travelling expenses of the engineer)  is met from a central source.

It is widely felt there is a huge reservoir of unmet needs in the community for our service and we hope this website will enable us to reach out and help more people & improve their lives.